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Universal Income Replacement System

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Welcome To Robert Nay CoopB

Universal Income Replacement System

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Earn a Sustainable Income
and Daily CashFlow!

Are you ready for an Income Replacement that allows you to live life on your terms?

CoopBusiness introduces a revolutionary approach to earning an income, that allows you to earn an unlimited sustainable income and daily cash flow for just $1 a day. We cooperate with friends and family to ethically get our monthly expenses paid, get out debt using a community-focused approach to income generation.

Earn a Sustainable
Income and Daily CashFlow!

Are you ready to break free from the traditional, complex, and often unpredictable world of MLM schemes? CoopBusiness introduces a revolutionary approach to achieving financial liberation, designed for everyone who dreams of owning a global business without the barriers. For just $1 a day, embark on an unparalleled journey towards sustainable, ethical, and community-focused income generation.


Let's Get Busy With It!

Why Choose CoopBusiness?

As a CoopBusiness Affiliate Member You Will Earn A Sustainable Income, Learn Entrepreneurial Skills, and Receive Daily Cashflow.

  • Affordable Entry: Start your entrepreneurial journey for just $1 a day. Unlocking a world where financial stability is not just a dream, but an achievable reality.
  • Innovative POP Income System: Earn a Predictable Ongoing Passive Income that sets you on a path to effortlessly manage your finances to live debt free, stress free, and financially free!
  • Global Business Ownership: Tap into the power of global business ownership utilizing our CoopNFT ​representing your stake in our cooperative success story.
  • Professional Mentorship: Navigate your path to becoming a proficient business owner with guidance from industry veterans, ensuring a smooth and prosperous entrepreneurial journey.


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Empowerment Through Education

Dive into our Coop Business Academy, offering cutting-edge business, financial, and crypto literacy education and more included in your $1 a day membership. Gain exclusive access to resources that propel you towards success. Explore our extensive library, with materials developed and curated by industry experts to support your journey towards financial independence.

Unlock Your Business Potential on the Blockchain



A digital certificate of Global Business Ownership, acting as a store of value and your ticket to financial empowerment.



The Coop EcoSystem's native token, facilitating seamless transactions within the CoopCommunity.



Secure and decentralized wallets for all your financial transactions, from token purchases to member transfers.

Cooperatively Earn A Predictable Ongoing Passive Income


POP Income

Embark on a transformative journey as a CoopAffiliate and unlock the incredible power of ongoing royalties, all for just $1 a day. By aligning yourself with CoopBusiness, you not only secure your financial future with a Predictable Ongoing Passive Income (POP Income) but also gain the privilege to share the unparalleled benefits of our community with others. Dive into this rewarding opportunity, where for a mere dollar a day, you can turn the tide of your financial journey towards a lifetime of prosperity.

Interdependence leads to independence 

Join CoopBusiness today and be part of a vibrant community committed to collective growth, financial independence, and making a meaningful impact. With CoopBusiness, you’re not just starting a business; you’re joining a movement towards ending global poverty and redefining the future of income generation.

28-Day 100% Make Money Guarantee

Simply complete the 3 steps within your first 28 days
and if you don’t make money we will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked and take over your account.

We want to ensure you have every opportunity to succeed.

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Lets Get Busy With It!

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